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Mustang Hide, a cracked, matte leather with a warm colour palette, a firm favourite for upholstery.

Mustang is a type of leather known as a pull-up leather. Pull ups are characterised by their soft wax finishes which have a degree of mobility so that when tensioned, the contrasting base colour “pulls up”. The resulting “cracked” effect was the original distressed leather, each hide transferring its unique patina to the furniture it is upholstered within, making a unique piece, full of character.

The natural variance in colour and texture common with pull-ups is reduced with the use of natural pigments to homogenize the finish as much as possible without compromising the character Mustang.

Mustang’s colour palette includes warm tones which embrace the natural leather charm, with both classic neutrals and vibrant colours available to make unique seating. It is flameproofed to the UK contract standard Crib5 and also passes the IMO 8 marine standard. making it suitable for use in contract applications and indoor marine seating.

Average Hide – 54 Square Foot

Rub Fastness – 20 Wet / 50 Dry

Tear Strength – 40N

Flammability – Cig and Match, Crib5, IMO FTP Code 2010:Part 8


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